GeoSea has been awarded the contract to transport and install monopiles and transition pieces for the Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm with their vessel Innovation. The monopiles and transition pieces were transported from Nordenham, Germany and Szczecin, Poland to the base port Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom, utilizing three NB90 barges.

TWD was requested to design the seafastenings for the monopiles and transition pieces and verify the structural integrity of both foundation components for the two journeys. Furthermore, we performed structural verification of the barge.

The transition pieces are constrained on the seafastening grillages by means of 12 uplift clamps. The three barges have transported monopiles of 7.0 m and 6.75 m diameters. For accommodating both monopile sizes in the same cradle, we designed a simple wooden inlay block which decreases the diameter of the cradle. The inlay was lifted by crane and installed on top of the cradle.