Jumbo Pile Guiding Frame

Jumbo Offshore has installed 8 anchor piles for FPSO mooring in the Pierce Field (North Sea). To hammer these piles within the correct inclination and orientation tolerances, a subsea Pile Guiding Frame (PGF) was required.

The PGF had to be lowered to the seabed with the cranes of the Jumbo Fairplayer. The piles’ mooring pad eye and chains required the PGF sleeve to be open on one side. After hammering, the PGF was retrieved.


Due to the challenging schedule of the project, TWD was requested to deliver the total design of the PGF and its seafastening construction within 3 weeks.

This was achieved by reducing the level of detail of the design drawings and focusing instead on communicating the features important for the PGF’s functionality. The drawing set therefore contained the required essentials in terms of geometry, welds and tolerances, while plate details and other secondary features were left out. The plates were derived by the fabricator from the 3D model.

Naturally, with this approach, a good understanding between the client, the fabricator and the designer is crucial. Weekly progress meetings with all parties were key to the success of this project, as they offered the opportunity to discuss the secondary features and find optimal solutions.

Finally, a robust yet highly functional design was realized, while the ‘hands on’ approach saved time and budget for the client.