TWD’s new sheet pile tool creates significant time-saving. Standard sheet pile installation tools require several crane lifts to move to the next position. Moreover, the often-used spud pile on which the gate is supported must be vibrated out of, and in the ground when relocating.

TWD’s new sheet pile tool supports on the previous sheet piles and has a cantilevered gate to guide the next sheets. The procedure for relocating the tool consists out of releasing the clamps, one crane lift and re-activating the clamps. Next to that, the sheet pile guides are placed on a hinge point, which enables the tool to install curved cofferdams. This saves time, increases worksite safety and makes the tool soil independent.

TWD is specialized in designing these tools. A good example is the piling gate that we designed for the Dover docks revival. The tool was designed to install over 700 piles in record time. It is fully self-supporting, skids forward independent from the crane and hydraulically adjusts its position to prepare for the next pile. Working parallel to the crane shortens the critical path and results in a significant increase of the projected piling output. Due to its performance, TWD was awarded the MCCE innovation of the year award in the UK.

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