Temporary Works Design combined their experience with the design of various pile handling tools and motion compensated systems to get to a revolutionary new concept: a motion compensated piling gripper, allowing straight piling of monopiles from a floating vessel or barge.

Due to the tight tolerances related to monopile installations, it is for most sea conditions inevitable to install monopiles from a Jack-Up Barge, as this type of vessel can create a fixed working platform. With a Jack-Up Barge, the installation of monopiles is not influenced by vessel motions and straight piling can be assured.

Since a Jack-Up Barge typically has higher day-rates than a floating vessel or barge, the idea of a motion compensated piling gripper came forward. During hammering of the pile, sensors measure the pile’s inclination and hydraulic cylinders actively compensate the disturbing vessel motions in heave, surge and sway direction.

Beside the possibility to use a cheaper installation vessel, the system can also extend the working window of existing floating installation vessels. This floating concept makes the installation works independent of the soil strength and water depth.

Press release, Rotterdam, 2 September 2014